Global Environment Education Month

December 2020

This concept global environment education is started by a group of Dutch students who want to raise awareness about what is actually happening on this earth. We are trying to show you what is behind the big industries and we are asking you to join us in our month of sharing information about the worlds food industry, clothing industry and about a lot more that is going on on our planet. There is a programme prepared for you, we made a calendar with video material you can watch. Every 2 days of december we ask you to watch a documentary or video clip. Herewith we try to raise more awareness with your help by using your own social media platforms. The more we learn, the more we want to share and the more people on this earth we can reach out to.

Saving the world

Lets do our best to speak for the public interest in solving the climate crisis!

If our leaders refuse to lead the citizens of the world, we will!

Spread truth to power.

– Al Gore

Lets create more space

When we start eating less meat, more land is available for green crops such as vegetables. Less land needs to be used for agriculture and space can be given back to nature. We can focus more on conservation biology and creating more biodiversity.

Important voices

We all have our opinions and feelings. It is about what we do too help and change and how we use those feelings. Great persons have lead the way before us, lets now lead the way for the rest of the world! Become a climate ambassador.

What people say:

Wouldn’t it just make sense from a common-sense point of view: the less stuff you put in the air, the better it is?

Mayor in Texas

Change your diet

Make more sustainable choices! Buy local foods and eat less meat.


Whats up with our water?

How to travel?



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Global Environment Education Month

Lets save the world

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