Online Climate Strike

Lisanne van Oosterhoud, owner simple_sprouts_NL

What will people think of me? Will this affect the way people look at me? What if this affects my credibility in the future? What if people think I am one of those tree-hugging people telling everyone what they should do?
What if….
No, this is not about standing on the barricade and blaming anyone for their neglect to save our precious planet.
Two weeks ago I received the question if I would join the #climatestrikeonline by posting a picture of myself on social media with a sign saying I support the climate strike. Sounds innocent right? Well, this question started a whole discussion in my head as you can see in the very first lines.
But then later I wondered why?
Why should I feel ashamed to support a movement that is about saving the beauty and importance of nature, about keeping our world liveable for EVERYONE (including animals), and that is able to bring about change in our linear way of thinking and consuming?
Nowadays, it is completely normal to post the most random pictures on social media or have a strong opinion about almost everything, even if you have no background whatsoever on the matter. Yet, I felt and still feel in some way anxious to connect my face to something that should be so normal to society and that could make a huge positive difference in the future.
Therefore, I now openly say (with some anxiety) that I support the climate movement and that I am genuinely determined to make a change, how small this may be.
Did I post the picture on my own social media with my face? No, unfortunately not. But I did post it on the social media of Simple Sprouts.

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