About us

I am Luna Buwalda

I am a biology student focussing on marine biology and sustainable development. I am 21 years alive and I live in Leiden. I love to work with nature and people and I am willing to spread the word about the problems our environment is facing right now. I am not able to fix the world on my own, I NEED YOUR HELP, Lets make the change! I play the drums in a band and I am a open water diver right now. So next to tying to live as sustainable as I can with eating no meat and fish and buying soap bars and organic clothing I am trying to clean up our waters when I can.

I am Isabel van der Velden

Hey there, my name is Isabel and I am 20 years old. I live in Leiden with four other roommates and all my plants. This year I started my third year of the bachelor of Biology. I am following the minor ‘Sustainable development’. As the name is giving it away, it is about sustainability. We learn about the impact humanity has on the climate and biodiversity loss. My interests lie in sustainability and climate change for a few years now. In my personal life I try to be as sustainable as possible in every way, so I try to take the bike as much as possible, eat no meat and less dairy, buy fewer clothes or buy second-hand shops. Some hobbies of mine are cooking, playing games with friends and family and listening to good music or going to dance parties. Besides that, I love to watch interesting Documentaries, especially nature ones.

I am Jerry Weidema

Hello! I am Jerry, a biology student and a sustainability enthousiast. For the future I am hoping that I can contribute to a better balance between man and nature both on the land and in the sea: I recently moved into an old farm to create an agricultural creative community garden based on permaculture, next year I am going to do research for my thesis on coral reefs in Indonesia and last summer I volunteered on organic farms in France and learned a lot about sustainable solutions and organic farming! Right now I follow the minor Sustainable Development from which I hope I can learn even more. I try to live as sustainable as I can by consuming no animal products, buying almost everything second hand and travel by car as little as possible. As an individual my actions have little impact, so that is why I try to inspire as many people as possible to live sustainably! I hope you can be one of them 🙂

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