We want to hear your story.

We are trying to collect stories from different people about how they feel about what is going on with our planet. About what you already do to try and help and what you would want to do. Share your ideas for the future and how do you think that we are able to get more actions and plans from the different governments.

Our stories

Online Climate Strike

What will people think of me? Will this affect the way people look at me? What if this affects my credibility in the future? What if people think I am one of those tree-hugging people telling everyone what they should do?What if….No, this is not about standing on the barricade and blaming anyone for theirContinue reading “Online Climate Strike”

A more sustainable life as a student Go green!

Hi, I am Merrel, an Archaeology student at Leiden University. I write blogs for the university, and my latest blog featured tips on a more sustainable lifestyle. So make sure to check that out if you’re Dutch! ( As a student, you may feel like you don’t have the means to make actual change. However,Continue reading “A more sustainable life as a student Go green!”

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