Tips & Tricks

Small tips and tricks to live more sustainable!

Tips you can do easily:

  • Plastic pollution: 
    • Switch from plastic strains to reusable ones.
    • Disposable cotton balls and cotton buds to washable ones.
    • Take your own bag to the store.
    • Buy just one or two washable mouth caps, not thousand disposable ones.
    • Buy bigger bottles of shampoo/soap/deo → more volume is in proportion less waste.
    • Buy shampoo and soap bars, these chemicals are less harmful for the environment and no plastic packaging is used.
    • Buy your vegetables and fruits on the local market → no plastic packaging.

Lets fight against all this waist. People on this earth don’t have access to proper food and in a lot of places we are wasting it, that is not fair at all.

  • House: 
    • If you have a garden don’t fully pave it, make space for plants and biodiversity to grow, it will make your garden more colorful and pretty and it enhances biodiversity and clean air.

  • Transport: 
    • Travel by bike, skateboard, rollerblades etc. It is even good for your health

  • Food: 
    • Buy local grown crops.
    • Eat less or no meat at all.
    • Try to eat less dairy products and eggs.
    • Try to eat less animal products and carefully check where its coming from if you do eat animal products.

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